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Lumion Pro

Lumion Pro

Lumion Pro 7.5 makes amazing videos for free to create unrealistic animations for your drama and videos. When used by people, then they feel like experts, because each tool is available with the use of simple interface design instructions. Lumion keygen understands vision ideas by putting his projects in real life

Lumion 7.5 Pro Crack always gives users an emotional edge for their customers by breathing life into our designs. With the integration of Virtual Reality Support (VR), which was part of the Lumion 7.5 Pro Crack update, your audience can enter a new world of architecture and experience interesting discoveries for their creative designs. Create professional and architectural scenarios without any necessary training in specialized software. Do not click on complicated CAD programs or need to cut models for your next program. it’s is compatible with many popular applications like Autodesk Revit, Max 3DS, Archicad, Victor, MicroStation, Alblanc, Sketchup, Rhino and more.


  • New transparency for ownership of trees and plants. Select one or more trees and plants to see the new slider. Note that there are 16 levels of transparency with Khi movie of a 5 star, 4-star 8 levels in movies and 4 levels in 3-star movies.
  • The new version makes Ever’s coal easier to help customers feel the spaces they have created.
  • Change Height + ALT: Models can now be duplicated by holding down the ALT key while moving an object vertically.
  • Flash effect of the lens: This effect is now more visible through pure glass materials.
  • More Mass Effect: Moving objects are in Build mode now also move in effect in Movie mode.
  • Lens flash effect: The Bright Pixels đung slider of the insulation now shows between 0 and 20%.
  • Shadow Effect: There is no longer an artifact in sub-frame 1 in Super-resolution.
  • Reflection Effect: Standard and no longer have PureGlass materials rendered khi co reflections set incorrectly in low quality preview.
  • Reflection effect: Reflections on no longer are PureGlass materials in front of a 3D rendered People.
  • Reflection Effect: A reflection no longer leaves holes in a scene v user sent by the user.
  • Global lighting effect: Artifacts are no longer a strong scene presented by the user.
  • Global lighting effect: The sun no longer edits this effect khi that position.
  • Effect Blueprint: Clip clip clips Cong now PureGlass materials.
  • Full film mode: it is no longer possible to paste the effects of Wind and Global Illumination.
  • 2-Point Perspective Effect: The target light function now works as expected for spotlights with built-in effects mode.
  • Highlight Material Effect: The OK button is now black in Edit mode.
  • Sun Effect: Sun disk size values ​​from 0 to 0.0001 no longer affect the brightness of the cloud.
  • Polystyrene Foam Effect: The translucency is no longer ruined by sun shadows set in Super-resolution.
  • Solar effect: The sun is no longer in a black scene presented by the user.
  • Titles Effect: The black part of a logo is more visible now using the khi floating effect.
  • Save Movie Settings: Frame Range -> Custom now has the correct tool information.

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