HitFilm Pro 11.0.8319.47197 (x64) Crack


HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro Video Editor Crack Free Download unique mix of video editing, visual effects and 3D compositing for filmmakers and professional motion artists. Everything you need in one product. Want to create epic videos on a budget? HitFilm Pro brings even your biggest ideas to life. Create beautiful title sequences and sophisticated motion graphics. Take your channel to the next level with HitFilm Pro all-in-one video editing.

HitFilm Pro is a feature-rich software solution for video editing, designed to let you achieve professional looking results thanks to its comprehensive set of options and tools.

Getting started with the application is made easy as you can find shortcuts to online video tutorials, forum discussions from other users, the movie wall and an extensive user guide right on the main screen. While the program’s interface does bundle a large number of options, all of the above mentioned resources and the fact they’re neatly organized, should allow any user to learn how to work with HitFilm Pro in no-time.

Project settings as well as video editing and exporting panes can be accessed with just one click and users can easily switch between them. The UI’s layout can be customized, as its panels can be repositioned so the working environment can suit your personal requirements.

Regarding features, the tool bundles a timeline editor, a preview window, a library containing rich effects, a history area and a Media area. In the latter section you’ll find all the multimedia files you’ve loaded so far, and you can easily drag and drop any item on the timeline.

HitFilm Pro is a professional video editing software solution that offers you all the tools and effects you need in order to create amazing movies.

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From the first minutes you run it, you start to understand that HitFilm Pro wants you to get the most out of its feature set and deliver astonishing results. The main screen provides external links to video tutorials, discussions from other users on the forum, the movie wall and a complete user guide to help you get started.

The interface of the application is more than comprehensive and is well structured, it follows a logical scheme that places all the tools you need in plain view, ready for use.

To impact your workflow in a positive way, it provides one-click access to project settings, video editing and exporting sections, between which you can switch at any time without resetting your project. Moreover, the panels that make up the interface can be detached and placed anywhere else, allowing you to fully customize the working environment.

As far as features go, HitFilm Pro does not disappoint. It offers you a preview window, a timeline editor, a rich effects library and a history area that contains all your actions. Furthermore, the ‘Media’ area is the place where all the loaded multimedia files are displayed, enabling you to quickly arrange them on the timeline using drag and drop actions.

The main attraction of the application is the effects panel that offers you a large number of fully customizable effects from categories such as’ Blurs’, ‘Color Correction’, ‘Distort’, ‘Grunge’, ‘Lights & Flares’, ‘Particles & Simulation’, ‘Quick 3D’ and more.

Key Features:

  • Editing
    Professional editing and compositing platform
  • Visual Effects
    Bigger and bolder visual effects
  • Color Grading
    Comprehensive color correction and analysis tools
  • Motion Graphics
    Animated title sequences and 3D objects
  • Workflow
    Easy integration and customization




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